Thursday, January 27, 2022

New Semester—Same Mindset: Strategies to Thrive at Vol State

Wednesday, February 2@ 12:30 PM

Student Success Strategy Session #1
New Semester—Same Mindset: Strategies to Thrive at Vol State
Tired of just sliding by in your classes? Missing your goals for success? This session will endeavor to disrupt unhealthy classroom habits and teach you how to count yourself as a “Can’t Miss” kind of student who cannot only survive but thrive academically and persist to graduation. How to take notes. How to access the library resources.
Location: Thigpen Library, Rochelle Center
Sponsored by TRiO, Thigpen Library, The Learning Commons, Black Student Association, and Diversity and Inclusion.

Monday, January 24, 2022

Vol State Basketball, Ministry, and Gospel Music

Vol State student Isaiah Perry plays forward position on the Pioneer basketball team, but he only just recently got into the sport. Basketball talent runs in Isaiah's family, and his cousin, Chelsey Perry, plays in the WNBA. However, Isaiah didn't start playing basketball until his last year of high school. “I was on the basketball team in high school, but I didn’t get in until my senior year,” said Isaiah. “I didn’t want to sit on the bench anymore, so I started working my tail off. It caused me to never get cocky because I know what it’s like to sit on the bench and never play.”

Isaiah began to excel in basketball. “My senior year I had a great season,” he said. “I got scholarships from numerous places to play ball.” He is currently writing a book about his basketball experience titled, The Bench Made Me Humble, and he plans to finish it this summer.

Isaiah may be a talented basketball player, but he’s also a singer with a passion. Isaiah sings in a gospel group called Fred Perry and the 2nd Generation with his father and his two brothers. “When we were young, we would always play around the house and sing,” he said. “My father started a church, and the church wasn’t really big at first, so the praise and worship team was just me and my brothers. Then, people started wanting us to sing in programs outside of Sunday church.” Now, Isaiah’s band has played in over twenty-five states including Connecticut, New York, Wisconsin, Florida, and California. They currently have two albums out on major streaming services.

Isaiah has always been very involved in his church. “When I was young, I always wanted to go stand on the pulpit with my father. So, one time my mom got tired of it and she let me go up there. Everyone said, ‘Yeah, he’s going to be a preacher someday.’ After service, I thought, ‘Wow. I think I want to be a minister.’ That happened when I was thirteen.” Isaiah continues to minister in his church with his father.

Isaiah is majoring in mechanical engineering at Vol State and continues to perform in his band. You can find out more about Isaiah’s band here:

- Chloe Duvall

Vol State Events This Week

January 24 UT Chattanooga representative, Wood Campus Center main hallway in front of Student Services, Noon—1:00pm.

January 25 Study Abroad Info Session, 2:30pm, Zoom:

January 25 Spring Campus Kick Off, resources available to students, clubs, free food, giveaways and music, 11am-1pm, Wood Campus Center, Nichols Dining

January 26 Spring Campus Kick Off, resources available to students, clubs, free food, giveaways and music, 11am-1pm, Wood Campus Center, Nichols Dining

January 27 Virtual Club Recruitment Fair, Check out clubs/organizations on campus this spring semester, Sign-up for a club the interests you, two times: 11:15am-12:15pm and 4pm-5pm, same Zoom ID for both: 968 1250 0282

January 27 Study Abroad Info Session, 11:30am, Zoom:

January 27 UT Martin representative, Wood Campus Center, main hallway in front of Student Services, 10:00am- 2:00pm.

Friday, January 21, 2022

Carter Vrabel Gets Ready for Pioneers Spring Play

The Vol State Pioneers Baseball Team is scheduled to start the spring season on February 11 and despite the chilly weather the players have been hard at work in practice. A new player, who started this fall, may have a familiar name. Carter Vrabel is the son of Tennessee Titans Football Head Coach, Mike Vrabel. Carter is a transfer from Wabash Valley College in Illinois.

"It just wasn't my spot, Carter said. "I love it here at Vol State, school especially. I like the chemistry we have with the team. I like the teachers, it's more hands-on and in-person here."

Carter pitches and plays third base, but he's rehabbing right now from an elbow injury. "I'll be ready for the start of the season. I just want to get out there and play."

Vol State Baseball Head Coach Jim McGuire recruited Carter to the Vol State squad. He heard that he was available from Mike Keith, the play-by-play commentator for Titans radio. "He just kept telling me. I've got this player for you."

Having a famous sports dad can certainly have advantages. But one cost is how busy dad is during the NFL season. "During the season it's hard. When I was young, I would go to bed before he got home." But Coach Vrabel does make time to see his kids play. He attended several baseball games at Vol State during the fall scrimmage season. And, of course, Carter will be at the Divisional Playoff game Saturday, cheering on the Titans. "It's extra crazy this year, but I'm used to it."

Coach McGuire began his Vol State career just last fall. "It was a transition. I was getting to know them and them know me. I think we have good depth. We're just going to have to have guys stepping up in certain roles. If everything lines up, I think we have a chance to make some noise and have a good season."

Carter is likely to be pitching as a reliever or closer this spring. The coach says his curve ball gives him depth in that role. Carter said his speed is about 89 or 90 mph when he is doing well. Everyone is ready for warmer weather, but for Carter that comes with the call of the diamond. "I'm looking forward to getting back out there with the guys," he said.

We'll have previews of Vol State Baseball and Softball coming up soon on the Vol State Chat radio show on WVCP-FM. And a reminder that the Basketball season is in full-swing. Games for all Vol State sports are free to everyone. Look for the schedules at

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Vol State Weather Guidelines

This a reminder of the Vol State weather delay and closing guidelines. Weather notices from Vol State can call for a delay of classes or a closing of a campus. It is always specific to the campus, so what happens in Gallatin may be different from Livingston, Cookeville or Springfield.
-A delay means that classes start at that hour. For example- If we say delayed opening at 9:30am that means only classes that would be meeting at 9:30am or later will be meeting. Classes before that are canceled. Some classes last for several hours. Those classes will start at the opening time.
-Labs are handled differently for a delay. Students should check the eLearn page for each lab to see what the instructor had decided. If campus is closed, there are no classes or labs.
- Vol State closings are not based on public school closings. You'll find that the College doesn't close or have class delays nearly as often as the high schools, primarily due to the fact that we don’t have buses to consider.
-If the roads are dangerous in your area you have the right to decide if you want to attend class or not. If you can't attend let your instructor know so that you can make up work.
-If there is a delay or cancelation students should check their eLearn web page for each canceled class to receive updated assignment info from instructors.
-Students will automatically receive text alerts with closing or delay info if they have a current cell phone listed in My Vol State.
-The website will always be updated on the front page if there is a delay or cancelation:
-You can also monitor our primary Facebook page:
If you don’t receive a text use the website to double check. Any weather statement from the college will appear at the top of the home page.
We do send notices about delays and cancellations to the Nashville TV stations. However, TV stations should be a last resort to view closings. It sometimes takes an hour for the Vol State listings to come up on the screen due to the number of closings. The times the TV stations give us to choose from often don’t match our class times, so we have to approximate. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

5 Action Items to Have a Successful Semester

-Go to class: it sounds simple, but attending each class is the first step in doing well in a class.

-Buy the textbook: Search for the cheapest copy, get it and read it. Make sure it is the edition specified by your instructor. Don’t get behind on reading assignments.

-Keep a calendar: many successful students keep a calendar of upcoming assignments and often mark down by day when they need to do work on those assignments. It can be a physical notebook calendar, Apple calendar or Microsoft Office Outlook. The computer versions have the advantage of automatic reminders.

-Work ahead of deadline: If you wait until the last minute you probably won’t do your best work. If something comes up in your life you may even miss an assignment. If you work ahead you can do better work and not miss deadlines. Just don’t work too far ahead- you want to keep pace with the class.

-Start work now on big assignments: If you have a big paper or speech or some other assignment coming up in a class, get started now. You can do some basic web surfing to come up with a topic and maybe even start research.