Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It's not too late!

We're getting a lot of calls in Admissions asking if it's too late to apply for Fall 2007. There's still plenty of time to apply, but don't let a lot of grass grow. Classes start in less than a month.

If you want to apply online, just go to the Admissions web page. We download new apps every morning. Just be sure to have a printer connected. There's a page at the end you'll need to print, sign, and send in.

Of course we still do things the old fashioned way too. As we get closer to classes starting for fall, you might want to make plans to stop by. Snail mail can slow down your admission process, so doing it in person is a great option. You can drop by the Admissions Office in the Ramer Building, and we'll help you fill out your app.

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