Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tips for Online Classes

Have you been considering taking an online class? Scott from the Advising Center has a few tips to make sure you get off to a good start:

I’ve registered for an online class, now what?
OK, so you have just registered for online classes—now you need to make plans to purchase your textbooks. A good estimate as to the cost of books is this: books typically cost about 30% of your tuition (about $400). Plan ahead to have monies set aside so you are not caught waiting on a check from Financial Aid, this could cause even more delays and you will get further behind in your coursework. You also need to allow time for the books to be delivered to you. If you sign up for RODP courses, you have to order your books through the RODP website—so be sure to allow time for shipping.

First day of classes, now what?
Log in – online class attendance begins the first day of classes.
Prepare a notebook—print the syllabus, calendar, assignments—get organized so
you don’t miss important deadlines.
“Walk around the class”—not really, but click on all the links and make sure you
have access to them; become familiar with the email and discussion
boards. Double-check to make sure all course requirements are clear, if
you notice something odd/unusual, contact the instructor immediately.
Stay active—log in daily to check for any updates from the professor. When
things get tough and you feel the pressure of an impending due date for an
assignment, you may be tempted not to log in. It is still important to check in” just to make sure you’re still on track.
There aren’t any stupid questions---post your questions on the discussion board—
read responses to other discussion questions—valuable information can be found here.

Have a question for Scott? Give him a call in the Advising Center at 230-3702

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