Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Say “H−EYE” to Christopher Dedmon

Christopher has his pupils checked with a pen light.
You can tell a lot about a patient’s eyes simply
by viewing them in dim light with a tiny beam of light.

What’s your favorite thing about the Ophthalmic Tech Program?

“My favorite thing about the program has been learning how complex and complicated the human eye is, and also about how many different pieces of equipment we must use.”

What’s your least favorite thing about the Program?

“My least favorite thing about the program would be that we are set apart from the rest of the main campus, so many people don’t know about our program.”

Why did you choose this program?

“After receiving my information I started researching what an Ophthalmic Technician was and what they do. Then I made the decision to go to the interview, because I was excited about what the program had to offer and the possibilities of career advancement.”

What are you looking forward to most once at your clinical site?

“I am looking forward to actually being on the floor using my skills I have learned this semester. It is going to be a great experience actually putting my skills to the test with patients in a clinical setting, instead of being in the classroom where I can stop and ask questions.”

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