Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tech Tip Thursday: Organize your "iLife"

I just returned from several days at the CIT (Conference in Information Technology) held in Nashville. This conference is geared towards educator's at community colleges and the goal is to highlight some of the new and innovative ways to incorporate technology in our teaching and our lives. Unfortunately, I didn't get to attend any sessions, I was one of the steering committee members and spent the whole time working. However, I did get to share ideas with my friends and colleagues, who were working with me and I wanted to share something I learned.

If you are like me (or my son) and spend a fair amount of time online, you might find it helpful to use a portal to organize some (or all) of your online life. The two portals that I have been playing with are iGoogle and Netvibes. These are both similar in nature and allow you to create tabs to organize your virtual stuff as well as collecting all of your RSS feeds in one place.

Both portals allow you to customize the look and feel. The iGoogle space is definitely more fun- my son, for example, chose a topper that has a monster eating another monster. The NetVibes choices are more in line with a Blogger template- boring but workable.

I have determined that iGoogle is better for the "fun" side of my life (lots of widgets are available for both platforms) that allow you to add games, pictures, video's and more. and NetVibes is for my "work" life. Netvibes offers pre-made tabs- with popular RSS feeds already added, I found this quite exciting.

What portals are you using? Do you think portals help you become more organized and connected? Drop me a comment or two and let me know your experiences.

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