Thursday, January 17, 2008

Say “H−EYE” to Melissa Gibson

Melissa has her vision checked. Notice the projected Snellen Chart above and behind her on the wall. A reflection of this in a mirror on the wall in front of her simulates the needed 20ft. range when much shorter areas are available.

How did you find the Ophthalmic Tech Program?

“Well, I got my BS Degree in Math, but soon discovered that I wasn’t going to be completely happy with the type of career that a person with a math degree usually has. I’ve always wanted to really help people, so I started searching careers that focused on that. I found the term “ophthalmic technician,” but had no idea what it was, so I looked it up. After reading about what an ophthalmic tech actually is and does I decided it was everything I wanted for a career. I believe there are ways of telling whether or not something is meant to be… So when I discovered that Vol State had the only Ophthalmic Tech Program in TN and was 1 of only 7 schools in the nation I knew it was meant to be!”

What’s your favorite thing about the program so far?

“I love it all- the skills, the hands-on access to all the equipment we’ll use at our clinical sites and future jobs, our classes, and definitely the sense of belonging…”

What are you looking forward to most once at your clinical site?

“Working with patients. It’s one thing working with classmates, which is great, but it’s a whole new world working with actual patients and I can’t wait!”

Why did you choose this program?

“I wanted a career that would give to me as much as I would be giving to it…”

Posted by Melissa. Vol State. Volunteer State Community College

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