Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Student literary publication wins again!

To use a shopworn yet apt sports metaphor—Squatter’s Rites did a “three-peat” in winning second place award of the American Scholastic Press Association for 2007.

Thanks and congratulations are due to the 2007 SR staff; Managing Editor Tamela Harris, Layout Editor Erin Haynes, and judges Ashley Greene and Leighanne Quinn—also the student contributors of written and literary art to this edition, most notably George Hodges, winner of the John McDougal Literary Award, and Brett Dabbs, winner of the Fusion Art and Design Award

Last, but certainly not least much thanks to Cindy Wyatt for keeping the faith by sending in the 2007 edition to the ASPA, and Claire Hampton for the crash course in Indesign!

Yay, indeed!
Elkin Brown
Faculty Co-Advisor and Chief Nanny
Squatter’s Rites
Vol State. Volunteer State Community College.

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