Friday, January 25, 2008

Tech Tip- Tools to Help You Stay Organized this Semester (and beyond)

Now that the semester is underway, I've noticed that many students are looking for ways to get better organized, keep their notes together or just get the best possible grade in the class. I've spent some time looking at loads of sites and here are a few of my favorites to get you on track.

One of the first tools for success is being a good note taker, whether you prefer paper and pencil or online note taking, there are tools out there for you. In 50 Ways to Take Notes, take a look to see if you can find a tool that will work for you.

The second tool, is designed to help the busy student organize their homework assignments with their personal schedules. The Gradefix site helps you plan which homework to work on at what time. Just plug in due dates and other responsibilities and a schedule will be prepared for you. Hopefully, no more last minute cramming! The site offers a free version and a more full featured version for $5 per month.

The third tool is the "ultimate" online organizer. This site allows you to keep your notes online, create to do lists, build a calendar and also includes templates for situations as varied as planning a wedding, selling a product, or creating a list of restaurants you want to try. Backpack is free.

And for those of you in Math class, here's a simple online calculator to help with all of your equation solving problems. Calcoolate is the place to be.

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