Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tornado relief efforts

We are working on efforts that we as a college might be able to assist both locally and with Union University. We know first hand the effects and devastation of tornados but we also know the hope for the future as we are coming to a completion of rebuilding ourselves. It is only fitting for us to work together on efforts to assist. We will let you know as we find out where we will be most effective. For now, we are collecting any items such as:
Canned goods
Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter and Crackers
Trail Mix

You may drop off these items to the Public Relations office in the Ramer Building, Athletic Department Offices, or the Foundation Office in the Betty Gibson Hall. We will take one van load this afternoon, so if you would like to go on your lunch hour to purchase the items and drop them off that would be great! We will also make another trip tomorrow so you may drop items off later this afternoon and tomorrow as well. The items we are collecting will be going to Macon County and Sumner County efforts, we are working with Bethpage United Methodist Church on the collection efforts. Thank you for your support during difficult times.

Posted by Karen Mitchell, College Foundation


Unknown said...

Giving hard goods is cumbersome and often not to the point. It just makes more work and time to get a load of mixed and questionable goods to those in need. Giving money to reputable distributors of assistance seems much more realistic. It IS good to have a local direct means to do this. Is VSCC recommending some good local contacts to contribute to?

Vol State said...

suemul: You're right about hard goods sometimes being cumbersome. That's why the efforts right now are focusing just on items that will be needed in the field immediately for clean up workers, victims etc. The Red Cross has a specific fund that will be used for tornado victims in our area. You can visit their website for details. We will probably be announcing a college effort with that fund here soon.

ashley hand said...

Is tomorrow the last day to bring in donations? Or is it lasting longer so others will have a chance to bring in more?

Vol State said...

ashley: We'll take over whatever we get tomorrow and then take another load as needed next week, so if you can't get the donation in Friday, next week will be fine.