Thursday, March 13, 2008

Flying pigs and government websites

Do pigs fly? Can government really be made easy? I don’t know about government but finding information from the government is easy with The site is an example of how to do e-government, or at least i-government, the right way.

Skepticism is understandable when you first encounter the slogan, government made easy, but you will likely become a convert after using the site. The site offers many ways to find information -- browse by audience, browse by topic, or search the site. The search allows you to search all government resources with a web presence – federal, state or local. Sometimes it can be easier to search for information on Tennessee state government through this site than Tennessee’s website.

One appeal of the site for me is the way it presents its search results. Yes, you get the usual list of results common to all search engines. But an added bonus of this site is that results are also categorized by topic, agency, and sources. These categorized results are on the left side of the screen and are easily overlooked. Don’t overlook them!

Gov Gab, a blog, has daily updates through the work week on various topics. Curious if daylight savings times is really saving energy read the March 4 blog, Daylight Saving Time Begins Sunday March 9, and follow the link to a draft study on the impact of daylight saving time. You can subscribe to Gov Gab with RSS and mark the ones you like with a tag, save it as a Technorati favorite or just Digg it.

Now about those flying pigs? Go to, type in “pigs fly” and see what our government has to say about that.

Posted by Livy. Vol State. Volunteer State Community College.

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