Thursday, March 13, 2008

“That Takes Ovaries”

“That Takes Ovaries” – An Interactive Play Celebrating Women’s History Month
March 19th
Rochelle Center

*BOLD WOMEN* *GUTSY GIRLS* *BRAZEN BABES*Come hear and share stories about a time you were gutsy, courageous, wild and outrageous. THAT TAKES OVARIES is a collection of real-life stories from women & girls about the gutsy, outrageous, courageous things they have done. Multicultural, fun, sassy, true tales of estrogen-powered deeds, from playful to political. After, share stories about times you or the women in your life acted boldly. Everyone who speaks gets a chocolate egg wrapped in gold foil -- a Golden Ovary.

That Takes Ovaries is a multicultural book, an open mike movement & organizing tool for women and girls' empowerment. They have held over 400 events to date. Rivka is author of the book That Takes Ovaries: Bold Females and Their Brazen Acts. Bobbi is a TTO book contributor and our Artistic Director. She recently went to Asia to use the TTO model to empower women and girls who had been forced into the sex slave trade. Together Rivka and Bobbi adapted the book into a play for the stage. Both are dynamic and inspiring speakers.

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