Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gas prices and college

Many students, faculty and staff travel a significant distance to get to the college each day. Gas prices continue to climb. Is that making a dent in your budget? Are you spending less on other things? Are you canceling travel plans? Take the poll and sound off in the comments about how gas prices are impacting your life.

Posted by Eric. Vol State. Volunteer State Community College.


daniel-crystal said...

I am having to skip classes and it is taking a toll on my future. I can barely afford college as it is ,but now it is even worse since gas is up to $3.25 a gallon. I am tempted to buy a horse and buggy, maybe if we stop buying gas the price will go down. Sincerely, crobinson18

JGJ said...

Recent increases have little to do with demand or usage. The falling value of the dollar against the Euro is what is causing our current spike in oil. (Oil is only traded in American Dollars worldwide) Of course, the falling value of the dollar is because of the huge debt we have accumulated from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, coupled with a nervous stock market, questionable stability of investment bankings, a housing market crash, and (possibly) speculators manipulating the commodities markets.

A horse might be a good investment but only if you don't buy corn. The price of corn is at record highs and as a result has driven up the prices of feed for animals, plastics, meats, dairy, and just about everything else. Why? Ethanol production. Who says it pays to go green? Ethanol is a waste of time. 20-30% less gas mileage, all the problems with driving up corn prices, and only an 18% reduction in emissions. The cheapest way would be to camp on the "camp"us.

US oil companies are making record profits. Knowing they are getting rich at the expense of your college and future should give you warm fuzzies.

John316 said...

Gas prices is taking a toll on everything! With the economy in the shape it is in, I am not sure how much more we will be able to stand. The only thing in America that is NOT increasing right now is our income. The average family is really being hit hard. I can not even grocery shop the way that I used to because of such an increase in food and other necessary items that we need and use on a daily basis. I am considering dropping my summer courses because I do not know if I will be able to afford the gas to drive back and forth. I may have to pick up a part-time job instead. If I could talk my husband into it, I think I would sell everything we have and start living like the Amish people...they have the right idea.