Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Meet The New President's Ambassadors

Every new year at Volunteer State Community College, both the Gallatin and Livingston campuses select a group of their highest performing students to represent and serve the college in many different ways.

“President's Ambassadors work for the college, specifically in the Admissions Department. During school hours give tours or go to school functions where they need help such as this upcoming President’s Picnic,” said Jared Sharp.

The President’s Picnic will be held Saturday August 23 at the Pickle Building from 10am-2pm.

The way a student becomes a President's Ambassador is by maintaining a 3.0 or better GPA, the student must be in their second year, and prospective students can either apply or are invited.

Then, potential students are interviewed three different times for about 15-20 minutes by faculty members.

“The interview process was pretty intense,” said Gary Chansler. “The first was a small group interview that was kind of difficult with very in-depth, probing questions. The second is an individual interview that is even worse than the first. The third, well, it was a grueling, exhausting experience, but it was well worth it in the end.”

Vol State would normally only accept ten students. Due to some of the Ambassadors receiving scholarships other than the one offered to them, Vol State was able to accept twelve.

Ten will work on the Gallatin Campus, and the remaining two will work on Livingston.

There are some advantages to being a President's Ambassador aside from the full ride, working scholarship.

“I did the Trustee Reception at the President’s house and got to meet a lot of the people that are responsible for all the fundraising… that was really cool… It’s some of the people you get to network with that’s one of the really big perks,” said Ian Pass.

“I get to meet a lot of prospective students that may be undecided on attending Vol State and helping them make the good, correct choice to attend our fine institution,” added Chansler.

“This is such an incredible opportunity for me. I really look forward to getting to know the students, staff, and the school better,” said Tiffany Zwart.

Over the next few weeks, I will be profiling each Ambassador individually to give you some insight on what they do.

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karenhoward said...

Congratulations to all of the new Ambassadors!
I know that Dakota and Ian will do as good a job as previous Ambassadors at the Livingston Center.
Karen Howard