Thursday, October 30, 2008

Journalism Convention, Day 2

12:10pm, Thursday

I have four classes today. I had Feature Photography, Weeding Them Out, Using Social Networking Websites for Student Video News, and Using Twitter and Live Blogging For Breaking News.

My Feature Photography class was basically a refresher course for me. But the "Weeding Them Out" class has been my absolute favorite class so far. The adviser who taught the class was very charismatic. She was talking about how to "weed out" the people who shouldn't be working on a publication staff.

After those two classes, I ate lunch a few blocks away with Kayla and Sarah. Kayla posed for a picture on the way back up the escalator. We made plans for tonight and set a time to meet up with Clay to eat dinner.

I'm in Using Social Networking Websites for Student Video News. This class is more for broadcasting and TV, but it's still relevant for the vlogs I do.

My last class of the day is a two hour long class, the breaking news with Twitter and live blogging.

11:30pm, Thursday

Well, the last class was one you have to pay for, so I didn't go. I went to Photojournalism Ethics and How to Keep Feature Stories. They were okay, but not as interesting as the breaking news would've been.

After my two classes, walked around the Power and Light district of Kansas City and took some pictures. Here's a picture of one of the many fountains in Kansas City.

Clay, Sarah, Kayla, and I ate at Arthur Bryant's BBQ. It turns out that a lot of famous people have eaten there, including Presidental hopefuls John McCain and Sarah Palin. The food was awesome, and the portions were outrageous.

I'm turning in for the night. I have six classes all day tomorrow, and I'm going to an event at midnight.

Vol State. Volunteer State Community college.

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