Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Meet Derek Qadir.

Derek is an 18-year-old Physical Therapy major from Fairfax, Virginia.

What's been your most stressful class assignment so far?
"The labs in my computer class. They take a lot of time."

How much work do you have to do in these last four weeks of classes?
"I don't have much, I'm caught up on everything."

There's 43 days left until Christmas. Have you started thinking about shopping for gifts?
"Not really, no."

Has the economic down turn changed your holiday plans at all?

If you could choose between either having more money or more sleep, which would you choose and why?
"I would say more sleep. You can be rich but not happy. Maybe if you sleep, you can be more productive overall and make more money."

Vol State. Volunteer State Community College.

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