Friday, November 21, 2008

Meet Kyle Tate

Kyle is 19, and a Springfield native. He majoring in Business Management.

What are you holiday plans?
"Work, and probably visiting family on Thursday."

What do you plan on giving thanks for?
"My family, job, and I still have a roof over my head... there's a lot of things."

Do you know when and where the first Thanksgiving took place?
"The Indians gave the Pilgrims food or something like that. I don't know when."

What's your favorite Thanksgiving meal staple?
"Dumplings and dressing."

Will you be one of the millions that wakes up 3am the day after Thanksgiving and shop on Black Friday?
"No, there's no sense in it. The sales will still be there after it."

Vol State. Volunteer State Community College.

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