Monday, December 1, 2008

Tips on handling end of the semester stress

By this time next week, most of us will be in over our heads in final exams. For me, I have one final exam, a presentation, and two projects due.

Tips on how to deal with the end of the semester stress and final exams:

1. Make sure to keep time for yourself. "You can focus better if you take time off for yourself," said Terry Bubb, Director of Advising. This could mean anything from hitting the gym in the Pickel Building, walking a lap or two around the Library lawn, reading a newspaper, or playing a game for 30 minutes a day. This gives your mind a chance to rest and focus on something other than your Spanish Vocabulary for a little while.

2. Start studying now, versus waiting until the night before. Attempting to cram an entire semester's worth of Biology terminology in one night won't happen. "Try memorizing a few things before you go to bed. You're more likely to retain information if you sleep," said Bubb.

3. Make sure to get a good night's rest and eat a balanced diet. Avoid over caffeinated drinks and junk food. Who can honestly say they function well hyped up on 4 cups of coffee and candy bars out of the vending machines? It goes with staying balanced in number one, keeping your routine will help relieve some of the stress.

4. Forget your GPA (for now). Calculating the grade you need to past your class with an A will only add more stress. For the time being, ignorance is bliss. Check out this blog for more information.

5. Reward yourself at the end of the semester. Save the partying until after you're finished with your exams. This gives you a goal to work towards.

Also check out a blog I posted a while back entitled "Study Tips."

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