Friday, January 30, 2009

Meet Chris Rutlegde

Chris is a 20 year old English Major. He's from Castilian Springs, and is the assistant editor of The Pioneer, a student-run magazine released every semester.

How often do you attend concerts?
"I would say at the very least, I go to 8 concerts a year. Usually between 8 and 20."

What's the most you've ever spent on a concert?
"$300, for Bonnaroo."

Have you ever skipped class to attend a concert or to buy tickets?
"I have, for the Ben Fold's 5 [concert] tickets. I missed English 1020."

Have you ever met any of the bands you saw in concert?
"Yes, I met Jason Mraz."

Would you give up college for a semester to be a roadie if one of your favorite band or music group asked you to?
"I'd do that for Ani DiFranco or the Dave Mathew's Band."

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