Monday, January 26, 2009

Meet Marija Raos Fitzhugh

Marija is 52, and moved to the Hendersonville area from Croatia. She is takes online classes with ROPD and plans to major in Art.

Why did you leave Croatia?

"I got married here."

How long have you been in the States?

"In May 2007."

How does Tennessee compare to Croatia?

"I would say they have different cultures. I didn't own a car for 15 years because I used public transportation in Zageb, Croatia. I don't feel like people communicate here. Developing friendships is different to me. My husband has friends that we only meet twice a year. I ask him, 'Do you know his dreams? His aspirations? How can you call him your best friend if you do not know these things?' People in my country are more expressive with their emotions. They will let you know if they are not in a good mood so it's just better to let them go."

How did you find out about Vol State, and why did you choose to go back to college?

"When I moved here, I felt like I had no history. I did go to school in my country, but my degree did not transfer here. I felt like a high school student who had just left secondary school and moving on to college. I had the exam for the GED, had to take an English exam, and enrolled as just any other students. I fount out about Vol State because my husband works here. I think that Vol State cheaper, and Vol State it really helpful."

When you graduate, do you plan on staying here in the US or returning to Croatia?
"I plan to stand here, to have a regular life."

Vol State. Volunteer State Community College.

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giva said...

Immigration is not always easy.
Our culture, country, friends and family, stay always inside our heart and never died.
Godd luck..!!