Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Meet a group of new students...

Holly Herman, 19
Major: Early Childhood Education
Location: Hendersonville

Why Vol State?
"It's close to home, and I like the idea of taking TSU Early Childhood Education classes here."

Why did you leave Belmont?
"I quit softball and I'm chasing what I really want to do?"

How much longer do you think you have left until you graduate?
"2 and a half to 3 years."

Jenny Murphy, 26
Major: Nursing
Location: Carthage, TN

How long of a drive is it from Carthage?
"30-45 minutes. I could've have gone to Tech or Cumberland."

So why did you choose Vol State?
"My boyfriend goes here, and Vol State's a great school."

What's your major?
"Dental Hygienist."

Name: Taylor Ferraro, 19
Major: Business
Location: Lebanon, TN

What college did you attend first before Vol State?
"TTU. I work with my mom at her business after she had to let people go."

What do you want to do with your degree?
"I want to be an accountant like my father."

So, specifically why did you choose Vol State?
"It's small like TTU and you get to know just about eventually."

Name: Jessica Gilbert, 18
Major: Nursing
Location: Whites Creek, TN

Why are you starting in the Spring instead of the fall?
"I've been sick. I was supposed to go to UT Memphis, but my doctors wanted me to stay near Nashville."

What's your major and why?
"Nursing. It's a guaranteed job.

Are you excited to go back to school?
"No, school's not my thing."

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