Friday, January 23, 2009

Meet Vee Young

Vee is 19 years old and is from Pulaski, Tennessee. She is a basketball player, and she is currently studying Pre-Med.
What are you going to do now that you have your financial aid check?
"I'm going to buy my books and put the rest into savings."

How was waiting on your books effected your classes?
"My professors have waited to use books in class until we got our checks."

How do you feel about the dramatic shift in weather this week?
"It's weird to go from snow to 60 degree weather."

What are your weekend plans?
"I have a basketball game at Dyersburg."

How do you feel about the game in Dyersburg?
"I know we're going to win. We're gonna get 'er done!"

Volunteer State Community College. Vol State.

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