Thursday, January 15, 2009

You're here! Now what is there to do?

Aahhh, the signs of life returning to Vol State... The campus bookstore has lines extending outside the Wood Campus Building. Classrooms are filled with frozen students with high hopes of a successful semester. The Help Desk is overwhelmed with six dozen calls an hour from students asking for their Pride Online passwords. And not a parking spot within comfortable walking distance in sight.

So, now that you're here at Vol State... what's next? What should you do with your time here?

Here is what a few professors on campus had to say:

Save yourself some frustration, don’t compare college to high school
"They are not the same, and you will be constantly frustrated if you try to make this new experience fit your past experience. Watch. Listen. Be ready to do things differently. Adaptation is a virtue."- Nancy Blomgren, English Professor

If you’re confused or have questions, ask! Professors don’t bite!
“One of the advantages of a community college is relatively small classes with ready access to professors. College professors have offices and office hours for the primary purpose of being accessible to students outside of class. Make an appointment with your professor, especially if you have a question or are experiencing difficulty with course material. They are thrilled when a student cares enough about either to come to their office (or stop them in the hall) to discuss something or ask a question” – Claire Hampton, Art Professor.

Major in something you want, not what your parents want
“It's important to realize you cannot make everyone happy so the first person you need to make happy is you. You can't do what your parents want or take the path all of your ‘friends’ are taking. You need to pick a career that will make you happy (however you define that whether it is job security, helping others, being creative).” - Loretta Calvert, Paralegal Program Coordinator.

Surround yourself with people who want you to do well
“Don't hang out with people who hold you back. Avoid people that think you're a dork for caring about school.” - Nancy Blomgren, English Professor.

Venture out of your major and explore new options
“Yes, you need to take certain classes in order to earn your degree, but you also need to take classes that interest you. Look for connections between the courses you take. If you stay happy and engaged in learning, school will go by in a flash and you might even want to keep learning. College is an opportunity to explore who you are and who you want to become and then bridge that gap. Take an ‘extra’ course if a topic interests you. Knowledge does not go to waste.” - Loretta Calvert, Paralegal Program Coordinator.

Getting enough sleep is critical
“That's when your brain processes what it learned during the day, and you won't get sick as often. Give up TV for sleep if your work schedule is heavy. Give up some hours at work if you're working to pay for non-essentials, and be honest in defining ‘non-essential.’” - Nancy Blomgren, English Professor.

If you have any tips you'd like give to new students, leave a comment!

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