Friday, May 1, 2009

"So, what're you doing after graduation?"

I spoke with two students about their plans after they graduate next week.

Jodi Perry

What are graduating with a degree in?

What do you plan on using your degree in?
"I got into the Honor's Program at Middle Tennessee State University. I start in the fall."

What are you going to miss about Vol State?
"The instructors were great and really worked with me. I have epilepsy and it's been a hard road for me."

So what are your plans after finishing school completely?
"I want to open my own non-profit for abused and disabled children."

Amy Oaks

What are you graduating with a degree in?
"I'm graduating with a University Studies degree."

So, why did you decide on Vol State?
"It's cheap; and my father gets a state discount so it was even cheaper."

What are you plans now?
"Um, I'm not sure. I actually had a baby along the way so I'm going to be taking off a semester. And then, I'll be going back to school to be a social worker or teacher."

What made you want to get a degree in University Studies?
"I don't know what I want to do yet. So, (University Studies) is a basic degree that will be able to transfer anywhere."

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