Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Enrollment is up and classes are filling up fast

Enrollment is up significantly this coming fall semester and that means that many classes are already closed or are filling up quickly. We understand how frustrating this can be for students. So, why can't we just keep adding students into classes? There are two issues. The most important is quality of education. We pride ourselves on keeping our classes smaller to provide the best instruction possible...we may be able to add seats here and there, but quality of education remains a top priority. There are also physical limitations on seating in classrooms.

That given, the deans and faculty have been working hard all summer to add class sections and get students into the classes they need. It is important that students keep checking classes that may have filled up, because many students end up dropping classes at this time of the year. So a class that may be closed today may have space tomorrow. Also consider alternative sites and online classes. We have several class locations across the can click here for a list. Online class options are listed in Pride online with the traditional classes.

If you need help with all of this you can visit the Advising Center is the Ramer Building. But if you are just looking for a specific class be sure to check each day online.

It's important for students to register as early as possible for spring semester as we expect enrollment to increase due to the economy. The dates are as follows:

November 9: First day for currently enrolled sophomores to register.

November 10: First day for currently enrolled freshmen to register.

November 30: First day for new and readmit students to register.

Enrollment is up at community colleges and universities across the country. This presents many challenges. Vol State actually has one of the more manageable situations in Tennessee. Many schools are dealing with much greater enrollment issues. Be assured that our faculty and staff are doing everything possible to make sure you can get the classes that you need. Don't get frustrated. Consider other class options. And most importantly if you need help come and see us. The Advising Center is located in Ramer 174 next to Admissions.

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