Friday, August 21, 2009

Major Changes!

Vol State welcomes new students from all walks of life and situations.
Jennifer Shelton age thirty four, has always wanted to be a teacher, but went a different route with her career choice ten years ago. “I decided to become an LPN because my uncle was sick, and I wanted to help take care of him,” Jennifer said. Jennifer was an LPN for ten years, and is now embracing her dream of becoming a teacher. She said, “I’m ready to work with well people, and take on the change.” She is enrolled in the elementary education program through TSU, and is thrilled that she will be able to complete the entire program here at Vol State. Jennifer has a ten year old daughter, and will be juggling classes while spending time with her.

Steven Davis is another student going a different direction than what he first intended. Steven first came to Vol State with his passion for music burning, and started going through the music program. “I realized that this wasn’t getting me anywhere, and I have always been interested in medicine. I decided to take a more practical path,” Steven said. Since Steven almost completed the music program three years ago, he is starting fresh with his major in Biology and Pre-Nursing. He said that he chose Vol State again for the low tuition costs. “The teachers are also pretty cool,” he said. Steven still plays tunes on his keyboard in his spare time.

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