Monday, August 31, 2009

Welcome to Vol State!

The lazy days of summer have come to an end, and Vol State wants to welcome incoming students for the start of the new semester. Often new students feel overwhelmed at the prospect of starting their journey to higher education, but Vol State offers support to make this transition easier. Students who have overcome their first year offer some perspective for new students. Autumn Megar is a second year student. She said the advice she would offer new students is to take the easier courses first, so that you don’t become overwhelmed your first year and get discouraged.
Dusty Good, age twenty one, is the current SGA president. He has been involved with several different endeavors at Vol State, to include the student newspaper The Settler, The Vol State radio station, and the Vol State commercial music ensemble. Dusty enjoys playing music, watching C-Span, and meeting new people. Advice for new students would be, “Don’t let the process discourage you. Just remember we are here for academic purposes, and when an institution deals with a large number of people, mistakes happen,” Dusty said.

Another group of students who are here to help are the President’s Ambassadors, who can help direct new students, and give tours of the college campus. Kayla Barbee said, “Just don’t stress out. Take a deep breath, and pay attention.” Although students may be a bit apprehensive about speaking one on one with their professors, this is exactly what Melissa Hopgood suggests. “Build up a relationship with your professors, and let them know if you have problems. They really are here to help you.”

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