Monday, September 21, 2009

Bad Economy vs. Employment After Graduation

Vol State is having a career fair September 23, in the Pickel Field House from 10a.m. until 1p.m. With so many people out of work, and looking for jobs, this may prove beneficial for many Vol State students and people in the community. I was curious about what students think about the current economic situation in America.

Adam King is planning to be a teacher and said that if you are going to pick a career, pick something that is dependable, and something that you enjoy. Adam went on to say that the high demand for teachers is one of the reasons he chose this career path.

The current economy has been the cause of worry for many Americans, and college students are not unaffected by this. Worries stem from not knowing if employment will be available even after graduation.

“I’m very afraid that I won’t find a job. Newspapers are going down the toilet,” Journalism major Ashton Durham said.

Jarod Moore is a Psychology major. “I feel like the economy has taken a major blow on Americans. I am a little bit worried about student confidence dropping when they are looking for jobs after graduation,” Jarod said.

Will Montejo is a freshman on the basketball team, and is studying accounting. “I think that jobs will be available after graduation, but only a handful. I don’t think that everyone who graduates will get a job in their field,” Will said. Will said that it is still worth it to get a college degree and take his chances versus trying to get a job without a degree.

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