Friday, September 18, 2009

Chemistry: Demanding and Interesting

President's Ambassador Scott Ricketts has something to say about his chemistry professor:

Being a second year student at Vol State, I have seen and attended my share of classes. Each teacher I have had while attending Vol State has been such a help, but one teacher stands out to me the most: Dr. Chuck Snelling. Yes, Dr. Snelling is a very demanding teacher. His classes are not the classes you take to have an easy A, but he makes his classes fun. Dr. Snelling uses everyday things to help with his lectures and to help the students understand. Dr. Snelling has been my Chemistry Lab and Lecture teacher, and each class of his I attend makes me more interested in Chemistry than before. Anyone who has to take Chemistry, whether it be Chem I, II, or even Organic, I strongly advise to take Dr. Snelling. He will make you a better student, but also by the sits-downs he is willing to have with anyone, he will make you a better person.

Volunteer State Community College

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