Monday, September 14, 2009

Freebies and Discounts!

There are many benefits of being a college student at Vol State. Many discounts are available when you use your college ID including fast food restaurants, credit unions, and cultural events.
On Thursday and Friday nights the Frist Center for the Visual Arts offers free nights from 5pm to 9pm when you present your college ID. Students seem to be excited that they can get discounts. Nick Delpapa said, “I feel like that’s good, and it saves us money. It is good that we get benefits for going to college since it is already so expensive. It helps because we are in a recession.”

For students that are unsure where to look for the discounts, you can find some of them listed on Vol State’s website. “I have never really looked into it, but now that I know where to look I will probably use my discounts,” said Kassie Collier. Kimi Dillard, age 19 is a second year student at Vol State and has used her ID for a few things. “I use it to go to Baskin Robbins, and I’m going to the Frist Center,” said Kimi. Amy Webb says that she uses her student ID to get fifteen percent off at The Limited.

If you are unsure if a discount is offered, just ask. The Adventure Science Center, Country Music Hall of Fame and The Boiler Room Theatre in Franklin all offer student discounts. The Nashville Opera has a special student seating section with prices starting at twenty four dollars. The Nashville Symphony offers the sound check discount program. Students can get tickets for select performances for ten dollars. There is a short form to fill out, and you can find this by going to the website.

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