Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fresh Is Good

Being a student at Vol State I am well aware of the early morning classes, and the mid-afternoon hunger that comes in the middle of the day. The cafeteria is a great way to grab a bite to eat in between classes.

Paul Fields is the owner of First Choice Foods, and provides the food in the cafeteria this year. “There have been a few changes in the menu options with a lot of the new items in the grab n’ go section,” said Paul.

Among the additional items to grace the Vol State cafeteria are Krispy Kreme donuts, and several selections of cold sandwiches, fresh fruit, and Muscle Milk. Ryan Hackett was thrilled to find out the cafeteria carried Muscle Milk. “Awesome! They have Muscle Milk?” Ryan said. Mandi Loveday was eating her lunch and said, “I ate the ham wrap on tomato basil. It was good, and the prices are good.” First year student Kelli Stiles was eating a sandwich. “It is really good, and I like the fact that it is fresh and not old,” Kelli said.
This is Chris Cotten’s second semester and he said that it seems about the same as last year. He said that the sandwiches seem a bit more expensive. Colby Parks thought the prices were reasonable and said, “It is pretty good; a full meal including a drink for about six bucks.”
Students are welcome to have breakfast from 7:30am-10:30am, and lunch is served from 10:30am-2pm.
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Anonymous said...

I am very pleased with the food selection here at Vol State. I attended TTU for a little while and am currently a transient student here. While Tech offers a lot of fast food, who really needs a lukewarm burger on and soggy fries? The food served here is not only priced well and delicious, you can get a meal that is good for you as well. If you want that burger, you may order it or you can go a healthier route. I love being able to get a vegetable cup with ranch or a bowl of grapes with a ham sandwhich.