Tuesday, September 29, 2009

From Co-host to Host in ...3, 2, 1!

Do you watch the news? I used to wonder about the excitement in front of a camera right before an interview, and now I have a taste of how that feels!

Terry Heinen is the Director of Media Services at Vol State. He told me about a thirty minute cable show titled “Inside Politics” that is produced at Vol State, and asked me if I would be interested in co-hosting the show. Of course I said yes!

Terry scheduled me to co-host with Nancy Hauskins, former channel 2 news anchor. Nancy has been hosting the show for over four years, and I was excited to do this with her. “We try to work in a student host to work with her. This is usually a Journalism student or someone involved with the student government,” Terry said.
I would be interviewing Ward Cammack who is a candidate in the 2010 Governor's race in Tennessee. The show was scheduled to begin at 3:30, and at 3:20 Terry pulled me to the side and said that Nancy wouldn’t be able to make it due to an emergency. He asked if I could handle it on my own. Feeling my eyes widen I said okay, realizing that I went from co-host to host for the first time ever in about ten minutes. Terry said, “I think you can do it.” This is when I pulled everything I have learned from doing live theatre, and decided that he was right. I could do this!
Terry and the crew fitted me with an ear piece so that I could hear certain directions and if something needed to be done differently. As far as I knew, the ear piece was working because I heard, “…3, 2, 1” and saw the camera man point. Taking a deep breath, I begin.
Listening intently to candidate Ward Cammack’s responses, and making sure I didn’t ask the next question in the event he already answered it, I noticed that one of the questions had been only partially answered. I asked a follow up question, and was congratulated by Terry at the end by following his direction to do so. “I didn’t hear you say anything after we started,” I said. Apparently the ear piece had stopped working and I got through my very first interview on camera, and I have a fabulous story to tell.
My debut should be posted on YouTube in a few weeks. I have been invited back to co-host or host “Inside Politics” again.
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