Friday, September 4, 2009

Keep Microbes at Bay

Classes have been in session at Vol State for only a week, and students have already been alerted to the seriousness of the newest strain of flu, H1N1. Messages are coming via student email, and flyers are posted all over campus listing ways in preventing this rapidly spreading virus. Are students concerned about the possibility of becoming infected?

There are differences in opinion and differing degrees of concern. Students range from being worried and taking precautions, to sharing hookahs on campus without a care in the world. Brian Larson, one of the students indulging in flavored tobacco between classes, said, “I’m counting my blessings. I get vaccinated next week.”
A.J. Snider said that when he heard about the five year old that died after being infected, he became more concerned. “I avoid touching things that have been touched a lot, and I wash my hands as much as possible,” A.J. said. Jason Murrell said he uses hand sanitizer more now. “I think it is a good idea that the college has the Purell dispensers hanging up on the walls,” Jason said. Purell dispensers are located in locations around campus including The Wood Campus Center.
Nicole Vaughn, a nursing student, said that she worked for Cardinal Health and was in San Diego, CA in March 2009 for training during the first outbreaks. “I think we have over reacted. Just wash your hands frequently, and cover your mouth when you cough and sneeze,” Nicole said. Jeremy Layne said that he thinks the media took over and made it sound worse.
Whether you are overly concerned or not the least bit worried about H1N1, proper hand washing should be practiced for your own benefit and as a courtesy to those around you.

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