Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Know Your Rights

When thinking of the Constitution, thoughts of freedom and rights may come to mind. What exactly are those rights?

Constitution Day at Vol State will be Thursday, September 17, with events at 12:30 p.m. These events will be in the carpeted dining room of the Wood Campus Center. George Pimentel, chair of the History Department and Loretta Calvert, Coordinator of the Paralegal Studies Program will be in attendance. The purpose of this event is to shed some light on our rights as United States Citizens. “It would be really good to know what your rights are. So few Americans know,” said George.

One of the activities that will be covered is Jay Walking. George explained that this is modeled after Jay Leno’s Jay Walking skit from the late night T. V. show. “Five people were asked a series of five questions, from what is the Bill of Rights, to who are the main characters on the series "The Family Guy." Unfortunately, most people didn’t know what the Bill of Rights are, but knew The Family Guy characters,” George said. George added that the questions asked are those that are on a U.S. immigration test, and many U.S. citizens don’t know these answers.

Constitution Day should be an interesting and fun way to learn a few things about our rights as Americans.
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