Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More Than Drama

As a student, it is sometimes easy to forget that the faculty and staff have lives outside of Volunteer State.
Edmon Thomas is associate professor of Communications and Theatre at Vol State. He grew up in Oakland, CA, but has lived in Tennessee for the past twenty years. He has been employed by Vol State for the past seventeen years. Theatre has been a part of his life for forty years, and he says he enjoys this tremendously. Having a very calm demeanor about him, he starts to tell me a little about his background.
Edmon has been married for fourteen years to wife Janice, and they have two sons ages nine and twelve. He and Janice decided two years ago to foster children, and have had a third child age twelve living with them. “This is the second young man we have had live with us that we have fostered,” Edmon said.
Edmon says that he and his wife are both theatre people and have written a two character production entitled, “Itty Bitty Mississippi.” He plays Newnan, and Janice plays Tilly Mae. They perform this in different areas around Nashville. “It is a comedy about a couple talking about life,” said Edmon.
In addition to theatre, Edmon enjoys swimming, gardening, and house painting. His favorite music ranges from jazz, contemporary Christian, and show tunes.
For three years Edmon worked as a standup comedian in San Francisco, and Los Angelos, CA. “I had a routine called Me and My Pet Cockroach,” Edmon said. Edmon has acted in various productions to include, “Jesus Hopped the A Train,” “Don’t Bother Me, I Can’t Cope,” and “Cyrano De Bergerac.” He wrote and directed “The Love I Almost Lost,” which was performed here at Vol State.
The one thing Edmon would like to stress to students is, “Have a dream and focus on it. Know that it will cost you something to have that dream fulfilled, and don’t be afraid to fall while you are trying.”

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