Tuesday, September 1, 2009

News Students Can Use From a Student Perspective

Friday evenings are typically thought to consist of going out on the town with friends, and taking a much needed break from the previous week of classes. This is not the case for students Lauren Dickens and Samantha Hearn. Lauren is editor of Vol State’s student newspaper, The Settler, and Samantha is the assistant editor this semester.

These two ladies are often in The Settler office the entire span of a Friday, staying until 9pm most of the time doing layouts, and getting last minute stories in for distribution on Mondays. Getting the news out to students from a student perspective is the goal. The newspaper is distributed every Monday classes are in session, and is available in several racks around the campus. Associate Professor Clay Scott says, “I am the advisor. I have no control over content. It is a pure student newspaper.”
For new students coming to Vol State, assistant editor Samantha says, “The Settler is a good source of information because it tells students about events going on around campus. It is a good way for students to meet new people by going to these events.” Samantha said that this helped her as a new student by meeting new people herself. Writing for The Settler is another good way to plug in. For those who like to write, and perhaps need an elective for course credit, students are welcome to sign up for COM 292P for one, two, or three hours. “If they just want to write without taking the course they can, but they won’t get credit,” Lauren said. Students are welcome to voice their opinions to the editor each week as well.

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