Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just Ask!

Everyone has something to say these days. The SGA forum was a great way to get questions answered and your student voice heard.

The turnout was rather good, with students and faculty both in attendance. Questions ranged from IT issues to the possibility of Vol State going green.

Amy Mitchell is the president of the Vol State Republicans and asked why certain students are allowed to park in staff parking while others have to fight for a space. “Students such as the SGA president have staff parking privileges because they do extra service for the college,” said Patty Powell, Vice President of Student Services. “It is our intention to get another paved parking lot where the modular classrooms used to be, to add more parking,” said Vol State President Dr. Warren Nichols.

Students were encouraged to leave questions in the SGA box if they couldn’t attend the forum. One of the submitted questions was why certain clubs weren’t linked directly to the Vol State website. “If you have a question about getting your club linked and sites updated, you should contact student life. If you have other questions contact P.R.,” said Kenyatta Lovett. Lovett’s extension is 3571.

The question was asked yet again about cigarette smokers having a covered smoking area. “Many universities have eliminated smoking on campus altogether. This includes the parking lots. We are moving in that direction so we will not be offering a covered smoking area,” said Dr. Nichols.

Going green was a large topic of interest, and students want to know how Vol State is moving more in that direction. “This college, because of its structure and lack of financing, make it impossible to completely change over. We have already implemented a lot of change such as light fixtures, and we have purchased a fleet of hybrid vehicles. We have been working towards being green for many years,” said Dr. Nichols.

“Amongst Vol State’s recycling program, why don’t they recycle Styrofoam?” was a concern for some students. “The recycling committee is looking into ways of getting rid of Styrofoam,” said Leonard Assante, Associate Professor of Communication and Chair of the Communications Department. Gary Hume, Senior Director of Plant Operations added, “I think it should be banned.”

In closing, Dr. Nichols said, “We have solved many issues such as additional parking. We do listen and pay attention. I want to applaud everyone for getting students to attend.”
Students can get their voice heard and questions answered. It may not always be the answer wanted, but you never know unless you ask.

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