Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Steinway Pianos - A Big Time Musical Upgrade

Positive energy and rich chords surround the students of Vol State's Showstopper music group as student Patrick Orianus passionately plays a new Steinway seven foot grand piano. The concert grand and seven studio Steinways were delivered to the college yesterday and students in the Vol State Music Program are talking.

"I play gospel at my church, and I would choose a Steinway over another model if I had the choice," said Orianus. He has been performing since he was a child and sings tenor and bass.

James Story is the chair of the Visual and Performing Arts Department at Vol State, and was very excited as he played a few jazz pieces. "Steinways feel as if you are playing on water. They have a better orchestral quality and smoothness. They also have a very good sound for studio playing," said Story.

The Steinways replace pianos that have been at the college for years, some since the school opened in 1971.

"I am very excited about getting Steinways. Usually community colleges end up with a crappy Casio," said Brandon Millichamp. Brandon and tenor V.J. Cieselski were among the students singing along with the piano. "I have always been a big fan of Steinways. They are fun to play because of the reaction of the keys. I have never had a bad experience with a Steinway," said Cieselski.
"Mr. Story told us last week that we would be getting Steinways and everyone in class started screaming," said Orianus.

Bill Metcalfe is the president of the Steinway Piano Gallery of Nashville. "Steinway builds their pianos to a musical standard of excellence, to perform better, and last longer. 1400 artists who travel the world have said that, and over one hundred schools have chosen to buy Steinways," said Metcalfe.

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