Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Whole New World

Living in a land of enchantment and getting paid for it is only a dream for most people, but for Amanda Hash this dream has become a reality.

Amanda is in the Hotel Restaurant Management Program (HTL) at Vol State, and got accepted for an internship at Disneyworld. The application process is very intense and only a select amount of students get accepted.

Amanda will be going to Disney World for the spring 2010 semester from January to May, and will be working in one of the hotels. “I’m extremely excited! I wish it was January already. I will be in a dorm with up to seven people. They pay for everything except for food and personal items. The rent for the dorms comes out of your paycheck, and it is only about eighty dollars a month,” Hash said.

Amanda has been at Vol State for five semesters. “I started in high school with the dual enrollment program. I decided on a career in hotel management because I read about the career and thought it would be cool,” she said. She will graduate in the summer of 2010 with her Associate’s Degree. “I currently work at the Holiday Inn Express in Hendersonville. One of the reasons I chose to apply with Disney is because I would love a permanent position with one of their hotels,” she said.

Mary Nunaley is an Associate Professor in the business division of Vol State. “The Hotel Management Program is designed to be a two year program but most students take four years. Amanda has been in the program for eighteen months. She is an excellent student,” said Nunaley.

Amanda is nineteen years old. “My parents will miss me, but they are very supportive,” Hash said. In her spare time she says she balances her school schedule with her social life. “I don’t have time to breathe!” she said. Other than working she spends time with her friends, family, and doing church activities.

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