Thursday, October 15, 2009

You Can Touch It!

Culture is apparent when entering the lobby of the Vol State Thigpen Library. Artwork is featured from artists every few weeks for anyone to enjoy.

Kaaren Engel is the current featured artist and her pieces are vibrant with a palate of primary colors. Engel gave a presentation about her art in the gallery, and students were able to meet her and ask questions. Engel said, “It takes twenty layers or more of paint to make one of these pieces.”

Engel’s work has been showcased in dozens of venues from hospitals to museums and colleges. She said that she likes showcasing her art in places where people may not generally go to an art gallery.
Several students were enjoying her art and listening intently to Engel’s presentation. “I love the colors,” said Sarah Remboldt, who is an art major. “It is very sporadic and vivid,” said Randall Ladd of Engel’s art.

The ability to see artwork showcased at Vol State is a plus for many students. “I think it is important to show art so that we get a visual concept,” said Amber Rogers. Rogers is a communications major but says she enjoys painting. “I do abstracts. It is fun to paint stuff that has no meaning so that people can take away their own definition of what it should be,” Rogers said.
One of the interesting things about Engel’s work is that people can photograph it and actually touch it. “I invite everyone to please touch the art so that you can get a feel for it. If it tears, oh well. It is paper and paint, and I’ll take a piece and make something else!” Engel said.
Engel has a website where you can view more of her work and contact information.
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