Friday, October 16, 2009

"You Have Been DMazed!"

The art of illusion can be baffling to some, but for David Altizer this is his specialty.
At nineteen years of age David has been doing magic professionally for about five years. “I started when I was thirteen, and after a year of practicing I started doing shows at Cici’s Pizza. When I was thirteen I would practice for about nine hours a day in front of the mirror,” David said.

“Before magic I was very shy. I love performing and magic is a great art because everyone likes magic. I find it intriguing that I can fool people older than me,” David said. He fooled me when I saw him turn four dollar bills into four twenty dollar bills!

David first came to Vol State as a graphic design major, and now he is here for business. “I’m an entrepreneur, and I’d like to start touring this summer. I have a team of three magicians that help me. I do comedy magic. I work at Wow Wingery every Friday night,” David said. He is known for saying, "You have been Dmazed!"

David has done various magic performances throughout middle Tenn. that include Vol State, and says that his parents are very supportive of his passion for magic. His website can be viewed at

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