Friday, November 20, 2009

Abstract Medicine

Art and medicine don’t usually coincide with one another, but Michael Lotfi loves both.
Lotfi has a love for art, but is following in his family’s footsteps and going into the medical field, and is a pre-med major at Vol State. “I plan on going to Vanderbilt for anesthesia. My mom works at Centennial Medical Center,” said Lotfi.
Lotfi said, “I’ve been doing art since I was thirteen or fourteen. I dwell mostly in abstract. I try my hand at realism, but it is always a realistic subject in an abstract environment.”
The reason Lotfi is pursuing a medical career versus a career in art is rather simple. “I love to do art, but I’m an extreme realist, and it is very hard to make a career out of without a strong footing. My family is all in the medical field. It is something I’ve always been surrounded in, and been interested in,” he said.
Lotfi, at twenty, seems to have a valid plan in place. “The plan is to be an anesthesiologist and use that money to supplement my career as an artist,” Lotfi said. He said he wants to make a lot of money doing something that interests him so that he can finance something he loves.

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