Thursday, November 19, 2009

Chance to Film

YouTube makes it possible for pretty much anyone to be a film maker these days. Vol State student Chance Ragland is striving for more.

“I’m hoping to go into video production. I graduated high school in 2004, and I made the mistake of waiting far too long to start college,” Ragland said. “I’m hoping I can go to a four year university, or at least an art institute,” he said.

Ragland said, “I filmed a project with my friend, and he wrote the script. Before that I had a career development class. I moved here from Colorado when my dad had a job opportunity, so I moved here. Moving here was probably one of the smartest things I did. People here are a lot nicer.”

“I’m working on a project. It’s a short film and I’m casting right now. It is called, ‘Moosing for Money.’”

Ragland said he enjoys filming his friends and putting random stuff on YouTube. When he isn’t filming, Ragland said, “I like to hang out with friends from church.”

Ragland is taking a practicum class in the television studio at Vol State. You can find some of his films on YouTube.

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