Friday, November 6, 2009

A Disaster for High School Counselors

What's the best way to show high school guidance counselors a bit of what we do in Allied Health at Vol State? Give them a disaster...or a disaster drill anyway. The fire trucks came rumbling in, lights flashing and sirens whooping. One poor young lady suffered from a broken leg and another fellow cradled a busted arm, blood rolling down his forehead. The drill simulated a chemistry lab explosion and patients were laid out in the grass behind the Wallace Building.

About 23 high school counselors are attending the Annual Counselors Luncheon today. Each year the folks in Admissions put together a fun, engaging event to show off the academic programs at Vol State.
"The goal is for the counselors to learn something about what we do at the college," said Tim Amyx, Director of Admissions and College Registrar. "But we also want them to learn something for themselves."
The Gallatin Fire Department, Sumner County EMS, Nashville Fire Department and Vanderbilt Lifeflight out of Lebanon all helped with the drill. The counselors had a chance to put on the heavy fire turnout gear, breathe with an air tank and try to control a twisting fire hose. They helped splint a leg and bandage a head. Many of the counselors had smiles on their faces as they got to live out a childhood dream or two.

The event was also a chance for Vol State Building Coordinators and CERT team members to get some extra observation. While this event was educational, the college holds drills and simulations to prepare for emergency response.

The finale was a landing by the Vanderbilt Lifeflight helicopter. They touched down in the field behind the college and showed off equipment inside the chopper.

It was a nice day for a disaster and a good experience for all. We hope the counselors will be able to relive a bit of the excitement for their students in coming years. And we know that a drill on a sunny day is one thing, and what first responders like EMTs and Fire Fighters experience every day is something else entirely. We thank them for their dedication and hard work.

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