Monday, November 23, 2009

It's a Close-Up View for Criminal Justice Students

Students in the new Criminal Justice Program at Vol State get out of the classroom for real life experiences in the real world of law enforcement. Intro to Criminal Justice student Jamal Jackson talks about a recent class trip to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation:

The TBI field trip was a good experience because it gave me a good opportunity to see another field of Criminal Justice, instead of just the prison and police jobs out there for criminal justice majors. The experience gave an insight into other fields of Criminal Justice, and the other opportunities you have if you wanted to make Criminal Justice a career. I saw things on this tour that I thought I would never see in my life such as methamphetamine, and gunshot bullets in vehicles. Before this tour some of the things I saw I had never seen before, and it was interesting to hear about the different types of technology that they use to solve crimes. The gun analysis lab was very interesting.

The things that are different than on the television is in real life situations you are investigating crimes and people’s lives are at stake and you can’t miss anything, it takes a long time to gather evidence and have the evidence tested and processed than on television. On television the crime happens, the investigation team comes out, gathers the evidence and goes to a commercial break, and then when the program comes back on air they have a suspect within 5 minutes. In reality it takes quite a while for the investigation team to go through and process the evidence. If you miss anything such as a string of hair, a speck of blood, or any other important evidence your case is ruined, you may be putting an innocent person behind bars or on a gurney all because you didn’t go back over the evidence you had. - Jamal Jackson
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