Wednesday, November 25, 2009

See the World!

Seeing the Great Wall of China up close or enjoying a pint in a local Irish pub may be something you only read about or see on the television.

Vol State students each have an equal opportunity to see these via the International Education program that is offered through Vol State, and TnCIS (The Tennessee Consortium of International Studies). Even for those who have heard about this unique opportunity, you may not know exactly who can apply or even how to get everything started.
For the 2010 destinations, “You have to be enrolled in the spring semester,” said Dr. John H Espey, Academic Dean of the Business Division. Espey said that even if you are graduating in May 2010, you may still apply for the program and take a class abroad. “It will go onto your transcript as an elective. You will be taking a class and be involved with students throughout Tennessee.,” said Espey.
Most of the programs are three weeks long. “This is a travel study program. It is not first class accommodations,” said Espey. He does make the point that they are nice and livable, but it isn’t going to be a five star hotel.
Espey said, “Scholarship assistance is available through Vol State. You have to have a valid US passport. Scholarship applications are due by December 10, 2009.” He goes onto say that not all costs are covered through scholarship assistance, but you need to apply to see what you do qualify for.
Several students have already shown interest in the 2010 program. “I want to go to Mexico. I want to learn the language and get into the culture,” said student Michael Martin. Student Teresa Epley said, “I went to Greece May ’09, and I’m looking into going to Spain.” “I want to go to Ireland,” said Drew Rowley.
If you are interested in traveling and studying abroad, there is still time to get in your applications before the December 10 due date. This could be the opportunity of a lifetime.
For more information go to Here is the direct link for scholarship applications.
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