Monday, December 7, 2009

Entrepreneurial Students

Small business owners aren’t just established college graduates. Vol State student Jamie Sutton decided to unleash his entrepreneurial spirit and start his own business.

With the help from Charles Alexander, The Director of (TSBDC) Tennessee Small Business Development Center here at Vol State, Sutton’s business is ready to go.
Sutton came up with the idea of launching a music web based business. “Charles Alexander looked over my plan and gave me specific advice. He referred me to a lawyer and marketing people. From the time I wrote the business plan to the time I got it up and running it was about eight or nine months,” Sutton said.
Charles Alexander said, “I’m under continuing education, and I teach workshops on a full time basis. This is primarily for the business community. The small business center offers counseling to those who either have a small business or those who want to start a business.”

“We are a news and information website for the Nashville music industry. We have CD reviews, band interviews, and cover concerts. It is called The Nashville Listener,” said Sutton. “I write most of the material, and I do interviews with local acts about upcoming shows,” he said.

On December 4, 2009, Sutton had the launch party for his website. “We are hooked up with They are a charity that works with musicians and plants trees in the middle Tennessee area. All proceeds of the cover of the event go to the charity,” said Sutton.
“At the launch party we will have a winter wonderland theme, and pine trees will be decorated as Christmas trees that you can purchase and have planted in your name throughout middle Tennessee,” he said.

Anyone wanting more information about starting a business may contact Charles Alexander at or 230-4780.

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