Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Final Month!

The holidays are steadily approaching, and if that isn’t enough, Vol State students are gearing up for final exams.

Final exams are from Saturday December 12 until Friday December 18. For a detailed time schedule, click here.

Students have differing opinions about finals. Some are ready, and some are feeling the stress a bit more. Nicole Slate is a Radiology major and said, “I’m ready I think.” “I’m as ready as I’m going to be. You can only make up for so much in two weeks,” said Communications major Hank Elliot.

Brandon Teel said, “I’m ready for it to be over with honestly.” Teel also said that he is a little stressed about his History final. Justin Clark said, “It is just certain classes I’m worried about; math mainly.”

As a fellow student, I can definitely understand the stress that can accompany final exams. Even if you feel ready, there still seems to be a bit of anxiety when it comes to that last test of the semester.

Take a deep breath and do your best. Good luck!

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