Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Green Activities

The term going green is all the rage nowadays.

Vol State Environmental Science students participated in a community service project during the semester to help increase awareness of the ongoing environmental problems we face.
“It’s an introduction to the environment and environmental responsibility. All semester they had a requirement to work in their communities. This is their end of the semester project,” said Phil Clifford, Instructor of Biology and Environmental Science.
Among some of the issues covered was carpooling. Students Anthony Jordan and Jeremy Vandivier did research in this area. They explained about a website called “It is kind of like craigslist for carpooling,” said Jordan.
Amber Armstrong and Connie Sharp saved rain water. “We made four barrels. There are more expensive barrels that have filters to use for drinking, but the water from our barrels can be used for pets or to water plants, etc,” said Sharp. “You pick a gutter, and put a one inch hole in the barrel,” Armstrong said. They said that the rain water flows from the gutters into the barrels to conserve water.

Planting trees was another major endeavor taken on by several students involved. “I planted trees for the playground at my church. We planted a total of six,” said Shannon Beauvais.
Elise Barreiro planted trees for Robert F. Woodall Elementary School in White House, Tenn. The trees for her project were donated by The Wilkinson Planter Center in White House, Tenn. “As I planted the trees I got some of the after school children involved. I talked to them about environmental sustainability. My goal wasn’t just to plant a tree but to educate them. I had a lot of fun with this project,” said Barreiro.
Cleaning up our lakes and rivers is something that Kayla Day and Michael Goodman both sought out to do. A car was found in Drakes Creek. “I was kayaking in Drakes Creek and hit the car,” said Goodman. “We are working with The Army Corps of Engineers to get the car removed,” said Day.
The students in the class were happy to have been able to contribute to such a good cause while learning and receiving a grade.

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