Friday, December 11, 2009

Register for Classes Early

Early registration is becoming more important as the Vol State student population grows.

Registration for those currently enrolled began November 9, 2009. Classes seem to be filling up quickly and there is still over a month left before the start of the spring semester January 14, 2010.

“I’m always late registering. I looked today and it seems like everything is filled up,” said Erica Murphy. Rich Pharris said, “I haven’t registered yet because I still have a balance on my tuition.”

I asked Accounting major Tamula Chamberlain if she thought it was important to register early. She replied with a chuckle, “Yes, if you want to get the class. It was more important to register early this semester, because last semester I had to take what was left.”

While some students worry about getting the classes they need and locked into place others take it day by day such as Jonathan Perkins. “I haven’t registered yet. I just go with the flow.”
Bonny Copenhaver, Dean of Humanities said, “Yes, there are some things that are filling up. There are sections within each department that are full. There may have been some increase in early registration.” Copenhaver said it is important to register early, “Because you get the class and times you want.”

Students can register by logging into PRIDE online.

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Anonymous said...

I have some advice for anyone who is a Communications major. Sign up for COM 106 for Spring 2010! In fact, if you are EVER planning to sign up for COM 106 (Interpersonal Communications) or COM 210 (Business & Professional Communications) you need to as soon as you possibly can. These classes have each been cancelled for the semesters that I needed them because of low enrollment. If they get cancelled you must wait an entire year to try enrolling again because they are only offered in the Spring and Fall, respectively, which can delay your graduation. I don't want substitution classes, and feel cheated when advisors say that I can substitute Newspaper for Interpersonal Communications. (Really?? there is a big difference in those topics. This is my major, so it matters to me personally) My advice is to get classes that are specific to your major done right away. There will always be basic classes like history and science offered each semester that you can get, even at several locations. But these special classes that only are offered once a year are hard to depend on. Trust me!