Monday, February 1, 2010

4-Inch Blizzard!

The four inch snow storm of middle Tennessee has caused numerous school closings throughout the state. Vol State decided to open its doors at 10 a.m. and students have differing opinions about this.

“I didn’t care either way. My dad drives me. I like snowball fights,” said Mark Wakefield.

Logan Frey said, “I live way out near the back roads of Hendersonville. No one has salted my

roads, so it was like a death trap.”

A few students were happy to have classes in session again. “I was kind of glad to come back, but on the way here I almost wrecked three times,” said Hannah King. Randall Ladd agrees and said, “I’m actually glad because I get to come up here and hang with my friends. Friends are a good foundation of your life.”

Another concern was that the parking lot wasn’t cleared for students. “The parking lot should have been cleared. There is no reason it should have been so bad,” said Katelyn Rickards.

Aside from the safety concerns, students seem to be fairing well in the snow with an old fashioned snow ball fight.

Volunteer State Community College

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Anonymous said...

And someone built a snowman in The Commons! Some people have a good time no matter what the circumstances.

Aaron Doyka